History of House Zacharia Household

The First Age of House Zacharia Household

    House Zacharia Household was founded in 1986 when Lynnette & Timotheus joined with Dana O'Lawler and Sebastian de Grey to form Owlwycke Priory (Badge: Per bend sinister argent and sable, an owl affronty sable and a lamp reversed argent, enflamed Or).

    The household was formed to provide a support system for the members. The household shared a pavilion, potluck lunches, provided support at events for household members who were autocrating or holding office, etc.

    Our household purpose was to provide service to Altavia and Caid. At any time 2 or 3 of us held offices at the Baronial or Kingdom level. Our definition of service included support of the household members who were officially serving at the event (as autocrats or officers). The person taking care of household pavilion setup/takedown, lunch set up, shoving lunch in your face, bringing you water, reminding you to visit the loo, etc. is just as much in service to Altavia and Caid as the person officially serving.

    The household setting was Owlwycke Priory and its neighboring estate, House Zacharia, both located in Altavia, Caid.

    Father Sebastian was the abbot of Owlwycke Priory. Living at the priory was Dana, his widowed sister-in-law (who's 3 children looked a lot like Sebastian). Timotheus was the master of House Zacharia and bookkeeper for Owlwycke Priory. Lynnette was the lady of House Zacharia and herbalist for Owlwycke Priory.

More Members:
    During the First Age, House Zacharia expanded to include Stephen the Sinister (Feb 1987), Cynthia Lloyd of Hightower (June 1988), and Timotheus' and Lynnette's newly adopted SCA son, Wulfric Grimbeald (Nov 1989).

    At Their stepping down as Altavia's Baron Baroness (12/30/89) Baron Robear and Baroness Kristin presented House Zacharia Household a brass platter as a recognization of our help and support during Their reign.

Allied Households:
    The original members of Owlwycke Priory were also members of the Barbarian Freehold Alliance. Owlwycke Priory and House Zacharia were never member households of the Freehold, but an unofficial alliance existed between the groups.

    Wulfric and his lady Theodora Quennell moved to West Virginia in (approximately) 1991, at that point he reactivated his household: Clan Wulfgard. House Zacharia became officially allied with Wulfgard, this alliance continues throughout the ages of House Zacharia history.

End of the First Age:
    Eventually Dana and Sebastian became inactive and Owlwycke Priory dissolved. House Zacharia went dormant in 1994 -- Cynthia had died, and Stephen had moved to Reno.

The Second Age of House Zacharia Household

    In 1995 or 1996 House Zacharia Household was reactivated when Sarah Jeanne Winterton Croft and Duncan Andrew Songhawke Tengri-in Jida joined the household.

    As with the original household, we four banded together to provide a support system for each other.

    Our household purpose was once again to provide service to Altavia and Caid. At any time 2 to 4 of us held offices at the Baronial or Kingdom level and/or were autocrating Altavia events.

End of the Second Age:
    The household went dormant in 2003 again when Duncan and Sarah moved to New Orleans (and then moved to Las Vegas in time to miss Karitina).

The Third Age of House Zacharia Household

    In 2007 House Zacharia Household was again reactivated when Timotheus and Lynnette were joined by their newly adopted SCA daughters and sons-in-laws: Sárnat ingen mhic Caille and her husband Marcus Mulcahy, Mouren Muir, Ysoude de Rochester, Madelena Hidalgo de Valencia and her husband William MacLyr.

    One important tenet of the household has always been that we are individuals perusing our own interests; we come together in House Zacharia Household, but remain our own persons.

    Our purpose has changed slightly to recognize that while many of us are VERY service oriented, we are also VERY arts oriented.

    We strive for "service through the arts", realizing that holding offices and autocrating events are also art forms!

Household Badge:
    Although House Zacharia Household had talked about a badge in the past, we'd never registered or used anything other than the Owlwycke Priory badge.

    In 2007 we finally have a badge! Designed by Mouren, it's a sunburst of hands (helping hands, creative hands, handy hands!). To be registered fieldless (without a background). It will be displayed by each member on the background color of their choice, because we are individuals working and playing together in the household.