House Zacharia

House Zacharia is an SCA household headed by Dad Timotheus and Mom Lynnette.

We're in the Barony of Altavia, the Kingdom of Caid. But that's mostly becuase Mom & Dad live in Altavia, and most of us play in or with Altavia. In actually we live in various places in Caid.

The current House Zacharia Household is the Third Age of a household that was founded in 1986. Visit our history page to read more.

Household members

Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios

(Mom of the household)

Bio: Lynnette was born in 1557, the daughter of a Spanish court scribe and an English Lady-in-Waiting. Her parents met while in England in the service of Catherine of Aragon. She was born and raised in Spain. While there she met a "hairy, half naked, barbarian" by the name of Timotheus. Eventually seeing past that first impression, she married Timotheus and moved with him to his family's lands in Germany. Currently they reside in the Barony of Altavia in the kingdom of CAID.

Started in SCA: 1978

A&S Interests: Almost anything fiber art related -- Spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet, kumihimo, lucet cord making, cross stitch, and more. Plus bead work, and other crafts.

Service Activities: Autocrating, Lists, teaching, etc

Fun Fact: When told at their 25th wedding anniversary party that "Tim looks SO much older now then he did in the wedding photos and you still look the same" Lynnette's answered "Well, he HAS been married to me for 25 years!"

Lynnette's Webpages           Lynnette's Compendium Caidis Page

Madelena Hidalgo de Valencia


Started in SCA: 2001

A&S Interests: Garb research, card weaving, sewing, and beading.

Service Activities: A&S officer, headed GWW A&S for 5 years, Caid Website calendar deputy, 2008 GWW publicity deputy.

Fun Fact: As THL Scarlet, Madelena was dragged off by the Constables for the "Clue" murder of Baron von Body during 2006's Altavia Yule.

Madelena's Compendium Caidis Page

Mouren Muir


Started in SCA: 1993

A&S Interests: Beadwork, embroidery, weaving, knitting, graphic arts (drawing).

Service Activities: A&S office, GWW A&S deputy for 4 years, Lady-in-Waiting, Chatalaine.

Other: Mouren is a heavy weapons fighter.

Fun Fact: Mouren's Winter Green Lady artwork graced the front cover of hte 2007 Angels / Altavia Yule booklet.

Mouren's Compendium Caidis Page

Sárnat ingen mhic Caille


Started in SCA: 1993

A&S Interests: Cooking, Almost anything fiber art related -- Sewing, weaving, knitting, kumihimo, crossstitch, and more.

Service Activities: Lady-in-Waiting, Newcomers office.

Fun Fact: Sárnat gets her love of fiber arts from her grandmother. Although Sárnat's daughter has never been interested in fiber arts, her daughter is happily learning all she can at grandmother Sárnat's knee!

Sarnat's Compendium Caidis Page

Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling

(Father of the household)

Bio: Timotheus was born the eldest son of a noble German merchant family in 1555. He yearly toured the family lands in Norway, Scotland, Germany, France, and Spain to verify contracts and make sure the lands were being managed properly. While in Spain he saved a “Court Brat” from abduction, while transacting business with the court, he met her several times again. Eventually they married and she moved to Germany with him. Currently they reside in the barony of Altavia in the kingdom of CAID.

Started in SCA: 1972

A&S Interests: Brewing, bookbinding, persona research, lacemaking.

Service Activities: Chatalaine, autocrating, Exchequer office, and much more!

Fun Fact: Way back in the Dark Ages of the SCA, when he still had black hair, Timotheus sported a pageboy hair cut, was named Bernard von Komkeff, and looked great in tights!

Timotheus' Webpages           Timotheus's Compendium Caidis Page

William "Takumi" MacLyr


Started in SCA: 1993

A&S Interests: Woodworking, blacksmith.

Service Activities: Constable and whatever needs to be done. He's raised event teardown to an art form!

Other: Will is an archer.

Fun Fact: Even though he looks wonderful in a kilt, Will's persona isn't Scottish. He is in fact a Japanese Samurai! He owes has garb stylings to falling in with a Scottish group when he joined he SCA.

Will's Compendium Caidis Page

Ysoude de Rochester

Bio: An Englishwoman of Norman descent in the early 13th century from a family of merchants. Family is favored by the Plantagenets. Was a companion to Alienor of Aquitaine at the abbey of Fontevrault during her last years.

Started in SCA: 2003

A&S Interests: Inkle and fingerloop braid addict

Service Activities: Originator and coordinator of CAID's yearly Blood Donation Challenge. Lady-in-Waiting

Fun Fact: Although not an SCA fighter, Ysoude has been responsible for over 50 pints of blood being "spilt" in CAID!
      Through the Blood Challange, of course!

Ysoude's Compendium Caidis Page

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